10 Min Exercise Ideas

It’s easy to do exercise for exercise’s sake particularly at this time of year when the internet is awash with new year’s resolutions & calls to reinvent yourself through exercise! What we really need to access through our, let’s call it, ‘planned movement’ is an intended physiological response – meaning not just ticking something off the ‘to do list’ but creating a more nourishing exercise programme that provides ourselves with the missing movements that our modern lifestyles do not afford us. 

Here are three 10 minute exercise ideas (50 seconds per exercise with 10 seconds rest) to try, you could do them as is or cycle through just some of the exercises for a different focus.

10 minute Full Bodyweight Workout (for strength)

Squats (with band pull apart to add in some shoulder blade work)
Wood chops (alternate sides)
Side lunges (or jumping jacks…)
Wall sit
Band pull ups (with band under foot to work shoulders/core)
Push ups with push back (regular push up half or full with a shell stretch back between reps)
Hovers on all 4’s (or plank)
Hip lift with chair (supine with legs elevated, push hips up)
Leg extensions (supine with alternate leg extension for abdominal load)

10 minute Correctives (for transitioning to better alignment)

Supine half dome thoracic stretch
Supine half dome thoracic stretch, in slightly different place on the spine
Rhomboid push up
Shell stretch (try palms up & down)
Side neck stretch with median nerve floss left
Side neck stretch with median nerve floss right
Calf stretch over half dome left
Calf stretch over half dome right
Long arm reach
Rotator cuff band pull with slow return 

10 minute Evening Stretch (for counteracting the effects of too much sitting)

Chest stretch against wall left
Chest stretch against wall right
Hip rock left
Hip rock right
Pigeon left
Pigeon Right
Adductors knee bent left
Adductors knee bent right
Supine over half dome
Head nods

If you have attended classes or currently train with me most of these will be familiar – if not, videos to follow……. or drop me a line!

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