6 Ways To Stretch At Your Desk

As sitting is now described as the new smoking I guess if you can fit some stretches into your workday it’ll just be the equivalent of vaping….maybe?! Anyway, whether you’re standing or sitting for long periods intermittent stretching and movement will help curb muscle tightness & pain as well as go some way into preventing the adaptive shortening of muscles.

Try to do them throughout the day instead of all in one go for get the most benefit – setting an alarm to move every hour will help to remind you.



1st row: Triceps, arm down back into lat stretch as you bend to the side (second picture).








2nd row: Hip flexor stretch on chair. Anchor the knee and drive the pelvis forward to open the front of the hip.











3rd row: Neck stretch, ear to shoulder into levator scapula stretch as you turn your head hold & try to place nose to shoulder too.







4th row: Hamstring stretch making sure you keep the hips parallel and tail bone sticking out.









5th row, left: Rhomboid push up in vertical or chest opener. From the position pictured bring your elbows in together.

5th row, right: Piriformis / glute stretch – lean on the knee to increase the stretch. Untuck your tailbone.

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