Injury Prevention & Orthopaedic Conditions.

Pilates & Functional Movement.

Jo’s sessions are tailored to suits your needs and take you through from the foundations of correct alignment, understanding your body’s imbalances and on to creating an autonomous programme of exercise to go forwards with.

After completing a pre-screening questionnaire and liaising with any other healthcare provider or physiotherapist involved in your care we will start looking and understanding your postural preferences and core strategies as a means to progress forwards with your development.

The Pilates repertoire provides a great workout particularly targeting smaller muscle groups involves in helping to keep us strong and stable. We’ll layer these exercises with more upright movement patterns to give you all round strength.

Sessions are 40 minutes at a time that suits you. After each session you’ll receive any relevant notes to help you re-cap and keep you on track with your objectives and goals for that week.

Course cost: block of 5 sessions £200

For more information and to get going on the pre-screening go to the contacts page.